Jinja Variables

Markata uses python's powerful jinja2 templating library for its templates as well as giving authors the ability to inject variables right into their markdown posts. This post contains quite a few examples of using jinja variables, compare it's output in the browser to the raw markdown file in pages/jinja.md.


The veresion of markata used to build the site. (0.5.3)


A python datetime object. (2023-01-15)


All variables from your post frontmatter like title (Jinja Variables) and tags (['home', 'meta']). If you are not familiar with frontmatter it's the content at the top of a markdown file between ---. Markata uses the most common type of frontmatter, yaml.

# this is the frontmatter
date: 2022-09-29 13:26:33
title: Home Page


## the post

markdown gets written after the frontmatter


The last variable exposed is an instance of markata.Markata called markata. This allows you to reference all of your other posts in very interesting ways. such as getting the latest post -> Creating Your Feeds

You can also map over posts to get more.

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