Your Own Style

Once you have the site up and running it's important to make it your own. You are free to keep the default style if you really like. Markata is completely customizable, you can specify some theme colors to your liking or complely eject out of markata's built in template and completely use your own.

Picking your own colors

The easiest way to make the site your own is to define custom colors in the markata.toml configuration file. There is more information about theming this way in the docs/colortheme

color_bg = '#1f2022'
color_bg_code = '#1f2022'
color_text = '#eefbfe'
color_link = '#47cbff' 
color_accent = '#e1bd00c9'
overlay_brightness = '.85'

color_bg_light = '#eefbfe'
color_bg_code_light = '#eefbfe'
color_text_light = '#1f2022'
color_link_light = '#47cbff' 
color_accent_light = '#ffeb00'
overlay_brightness_light = '.95'

Adding your own css/overriding css - site wide

You can override the existing css to tweak how the site looks. Again this is done in the markata.toml configuration. To add any sort of plain text entries in the <head> of your site, you can specify a [[markata.head.text]] block with an entry for value with the text you want to appear in the head.

value = """
<link rel="preconnect" href="">
<link rel="preconnect" href="" crossorigin>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

<style>html{font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;}</style>


You can end up with a blank page if you do not close any tags here.

Using your own template

If you want complete customizability of both the style and structure of the site, you can use your own template. To get started copy the default template from markata into your project.

curl > pages/templates/post_template.html

Then update your post_template in markata.toml to point to your template.

post_template = "pages/templates/post_template.html"

Now you can make structural changes to your template and see the results in your build.

Changing your favicon

Your favicon should be kept in your assets directory, which is ./static by default. You can name the icon what you want, icon.png is the default, but you will have to change your icon config in your markata.toml to use a different value.

assets_dir = "static"
icon = "icon.png"